Google APIs & Developer Products – January 2011

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They’re a behemoth with a massive amount of APIs that millions of developers use around the world to build millions of apps and services. There’s simply no good way to keep track of them all.

A really great way to show all the available ways of plugging in and out of the google and the stuff they do.

Google APIs & Developer Products – January 2011.


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We might or might not do what you tell us

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I was at least 4 of the 300,000 or so people who downloaded Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name of” as a Christmas Number 1 in the UK to prevent it being the predicted spin off of one of Simon Cowell’s reality TV series

In case you missed the whole thing, a good summary is here

It took me a few days to crystallise my thoughts (also I was IN the UK when it happened but wrote most of this when in South Africa).

I had quite a few discussions with friends/associates and read a number of threads (not to mention #ratm4xmas) in which I came across a wide range of opinions and perspectives about the whole thing. Mine follow. Read the rest of this entry »

Control – Alt – DTweet

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Came up with this in an attempt to stick with Twitter and to cope with the irritation of wading through tons of screen estate to get to anything clever or worthwhile.

The correct response to super abundance of information is not to add to the noise but to strengthen the signal.

I’m really not interested in what sandwich you had, or that retweet about ‘Thought leader X’ (Yes that includes Jason Fried and co. if the above reference has you twitching) If I know who they are I probably subscribe to their RSS feed (as I do) and if I don’t you’d be better off telling me what they said. Telling me that you like a song or that a restaurant is great/shite is NOT the same as telling me that Elton John is on the radio or you had lunch at Starbucks.

I know this means I probably don’t ‘get’ twitter but there you are. See here.

If you try to push product or yourself to me too much or you haven’t got anything interesting to say and/or include too much that is not interesting I will:


you and you’re gone…

You are the weakest/emptiest/loudest tweet, goodbye.

The following (with apologies to Marche Noir) may help if 140 characters is too much:

celeb babble.jpg

Digital Fingerprint

digital fingerprint.jpgpic courtesy chrischappelear

As requested by a friend recently – a list of the programmes I use on my Mac and those on my iphone:

I haven’t linked them, you should be able to find most of them with Google – if there are any you need let me know. This is just a peremptory inventory, I will do a more considered post in the future.

First the MacBook:
Firefox – I use quite a lot of greasemonkey scripts and extensions (another post I think) I also have Gmail notifier (I use Gmail for everything now.) – Mac for offline reading of mail on MacBook
iCal – Calendar – sync to iPhone also with my Gmail Calendar
Contacts/Address Book – sync to iPhone but not yet Gmail contacts
Microsoft Office (specifically Word, Excel and Powerpoint) I have 2004 but am almost ready to migrate to:
Pages – been using recently
Keynote – been using for quite a while
Numbers – been using recently
Itunes – duh
Preview – used Xee for a while but don’t really find the need now.
VLC – for all your media needs
Vienna – Opensource RSS feeder – excellent
Omnifocus – GTD/Lists, organisation tool – also syncs with iPhone
Tinderbox – thinking, hypertext, notes and much more
Yojimbo – catch all (thinking about moving to Evernote)
MarsEdit – Blogging tool
OmniGraffle – for doing great diagrams and some pdf documents
Adobe Creative Suite 3 – mostly photoshop (yes, at which I sjuck)
iPhoto – syncs with iPhone I also have a Gmail extension with automatically sends

There are a great number of other apps on my machine which I use occasionally or are tweaks, not to mention the ones I have tried – as mentioned above, I must do a post on those.

Similarly on the iPhone I have tried a great many apps, but am currently using:
(Some of them are for jailbroken phones only – so obviously Cydia and Installer)
SB Setting – Big Boss Prefs but evolved
Omnifocus – sync with Desktop and also location aware
Fring – skype and other messaging services on iphone
Threads – cool Threadless images, great for wallpapers
GeoCaching – just beginning to explore
Moleskinery – notes, sync with desktop
File Magnet – sync a format of files to the iphone
NeoReader – Quick response code reader
Newsstand (still trying vs Pro RSS)
Around me and…
Locly – both do the same – location based info/services
Web Search – cool preload for popular search sites
Twitterific – Twitter
WordPress – Blogging
Linked In – Profile
PDA net – Tether MacBook to iPhone free wifi
Splash ID – secure information
Tube – London Underground
Google Earth
Oblique strategies – strange but sometimes useful(look it up!)
Camera Bag – different camera effects
Night Camera – uses stability to judge when to take shot
Banner – scroll messages in a cool way
Instapaper – read stuff from the web later
MyRail Lite – find out what time and what platform for my trains
Night Stand – digital clock
WiFinder – find wifi

Again have tried many more and I have left off the games and apps just for showing off the iPhone such as Koi pond, Guitar, Ocarina etc – I promise I will do proper post in the future on both.

Maybe I need a procrastination/promise-keeping app!…

What did you make today?…

widgets.jpgpic courtesy psd

Obviously as soon as I decided that working for Advertising/Marketing Communication Agencies is going against Ray Kurzwiel‘s collection of charts (as cited in the excellent Kevin Kelly article ‘The origins of progress‘) and was thus not really for me…

…within no time (ok…a couple of months) there follows a flurry (actually… only 2) interesting pieces about why Advertising Agencies should ‘make’ things:

Ad Age talking about widgets

and BBH (via Ad Age) effectively talking about themselves (how un-Ad Agency like…) but saying something interesting.

(I particularly liked this comment:

“Are you kidding me Mr. Bogle? BBH needs to gain “empathy and commercial awareness of what our clients go through”…

What have you been getting paid for again? It should be shocking for any client to learn what a former beam of creative genius like BBH is doing these days to claim relevance: “Zag takes agency staffers out of the creative bubble and into the world of business as experienced by their own clients.”

Hello: you were supposed to GUIDE clients through their business challenges. Are you telling us, that you have been hiding in your ‘creative bubble’ all those years so that do do your job now you would first need to brush up your ‘experience in business’. If I was your client, I would have assumed you were done interning during college.

As much as I respect creative agencies’ attempts at interdisciplinary thinking and their desperate need for non-creative revenue streams: your rationale behind Zag sure exposes the irrelevance of your core business. Shocking.



All this obviously didn’t come soon enough for me. Read the rest of this entry »


A fairly quick and self explanatory entry this week. Iknit was something that Rich Lamb-Hughes and I came up with whilst we were thinking of building the ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’. Since then we have discussed, improved and shared it with quite a few people and the most work has probably been done by Robin Jutzen – the person who did most on/for ‘Free lunch’.

A fantastic idea probably not to happen… Read the rest of this entry »

Every day is like Sunday…

80's.jpgpic courtesy Chellebella

Some colleagues and I began trying to build a ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’ as detailed elsewhere. One of the first ideas we came up with was “8008′ which was to use the current vogue for the 80’s and its songs in a way that was very Web 2.0 and demonstrated the new type of communication ideas. Read the rest of this entry »