Digital Fingerprint

digital fingerprint.jpgpic courtesy chrischappelear

As requested by a friend recently – a list of the programmes I use on my Mac and those on my iphone:

I haven’t linked them, you should be able to find most of them with Google – if there are any you need let me know. This is just a peremptory inventory, I will do a more considered post in the future.

First the MacBook:
Firefox – I use quite a lot of greasemonkey scripts and extensions (another post I think) I also have Gmail notifier (I use Gmail for everything now.) – Mac for offline reading of mail on MacBook
iCal – Calendar – sync to iPhone also with my Gmail Calendar
Contacts/Address Book – sync to iPhone but not yet Gmail contacts
Microsoft Office (specifically Word, Excel and Powerpoint) I have 2004 but am almost ready to migrate to:
Pages – been using recently
Keynote – been using for quite a while
Numbers – been using recently
Itunes – duh
Preview – used Xee for a while but don’t really find the need now.
VLC – for all your media needs
Vienna – Opensource RSS feeder – excellent
Omnifocus – GTD/Lists, organisation tool – also syncs with iPhone
Tinderbox – thinking, hypertext, notes and much more
Yojimbo – catch all (thinking about moving to Evernote)
MarsEdit – Blogging tool
OmniGraffle – for doing great diagrams and some pdf documents
Adobe Creative Suite 3 – mostly photoshop (yes, at which I sjuck)
iPhoto – syncs with iPhone I also have a Gmail extension with automatically sends

There are a great number of other apps on my machine which I use occasionally or are tweaks, not to mention the ones I have tried – as mentioned above, I must do a post on those.

Similarly on the iPhone I have tried a great many apps, but am currently using:
(Some of them are for jailbroken phones only – so obviously Cydia and Installer)
SB Setting – Big Boss Prefs but evolved
Omnifocus – sync with Desktop and also location aware
Fring – skype and other messaging services on iphone
Threads – cool Threadless images, great for wallpapers
GeoCaching – just beginning to explore
Moleskinery – notes, sync with desktop
File Magnet – sync a format of files to the iphone
NeoReader – Quick response code reader
Newsstand (still trying vs Pro RSS)
Around me and…
Locly – both do the same – location based info/services
Web Search – cool preload for popular search sites
Twitterific – Twitter
WordPress – Blogging
Linked In – Profile
PDA net – Tether MacBook to iPhone free wifi
Splash ID – secure information
Tube – London Underground
Google Earth
Oblique strategies – strange but sometimes useful(look it up!)
Camera Bag – different camera effects
Night Camera – uses stability to judge when to take shot
Banner – scroll messages in a cool way
Instapaper – read stuff from the web later
MyRail Lite – find out what time and what platform for my trains
Night Stand – digital clock
WiFinder – find wifi

Again have tried many more and I have left off the games and apps just for showing off the iPhone such as Koi pond, Guitar, Ocarina etc – I promise I will do proper post in the future on both.

Maybe I need a procrastination/promise-keeping app!…