What did you make today?…

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Obviously as soon as I decided that working for Advertising/Marketing Communication Agencies is going against Ray Kurzwiel‘s collection of charts (as cited in the excellent Kevin Kelly article ‘The origins of progress‘) and was thus not really for me…

…within no time (ok…a couple of months) there follows a flurry (actually… only 2) interesting pieces about why Advertising Agencies should ‘make’ things:

Ad Age talking about widgets

and BBH (via Ad Age) effectively talking about themselves (how un-Ad Agency like…) but saying something interesting.

(I particularly liked this comment:

“Are you kidding me Mr. Bogle? BBH needs to gain “empathy and commercial awareness of what our clients go through”…

What have you been getting paid for again? It should be shocking for any client to learn what a former beam of creative genius like BBH is doing these days to claim relevance: “Zag takes agency staffers out of the creative bubble and into the world of business as experienced by their own clients.”

Hello: you were supposed to GUIDE clients through their business challenges. Are you telling us, that you have been hiding in your ‘creative bubble’ all those years so that do do your job now you would first need to brush up your ‘experience in business’. If I was your client, I would have assumed you were done interning during college.

As much as I respect creative agencies’ attempts at interdisciplinary thinking and their desperate need for non-creative revenue streams: your rationale behind Zag sure exposes the irrelevance of your core business. Shocking.



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A fairly quick and self explanatory entry this week. Iknit was something that Rich Lamb-Hughes and I came up with whilst we were thinking of building the ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’. Since then we have discussed, improved and shared it with quite a few people and the most work has probably been done by Robin Jutzen – the person who did most on/for ‘Free lunch’.

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Thinking Visually or Visual Thinking?


I became very interested in this when moving from lunch/ free lunch to ‘Global Agency of the Year’ BBDO. The opportunity to work on Marketing and Business Challenges for great brands with some of the very best creative minds in the industry was part of the attraction.

Bounding into a ‘creative’ meeting to explore/explain ideas with my Tinderbox mind map you can imagine my excitement. Read the rest of this entry »

Every day is like Sunday…

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Some colleagues and I began trying to build a ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’ as detailed elsewhere. One of the first ideas we came up with was “8008′ which was to use the current vogue for the 80’s and its songs in a way that was very Web 2.0 and demonstrated the new type of communication ideas. Read the rest of this entry »

V3 – Volition, Viral and Virtual

Something I put together at Bates141 then worked on and refined whilst at ‘lunch’. It’s point may seem a little obvious now but not so when it was first created 8 years ago. The majority of clients and prospects to whom it was presented didn’t really understand it – its not all that clear unless you already think that way, so it mostly ended up being used internally as a way of thinking about Consumers.
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There’s no such thing as…

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“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies”

This is about free lunch which was an initiative a group of people tried to set up in Cape Town. First some necessary reference: Read the rest of this entry »