Advertising vs Story telling

Beer here.jpg

Two things really good at what they do.

Two thoughts/questions:

1. If pubs sell beer, why will you walk/drive past any number of them to get to the one you like?

2. What do Johnnie Walker sell?

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10 years asleep…

swift butter.jpg

OK – after the event but still.

Johnny Rotten selling me butter…

Iggy Pop… selling me car insurance…(ok, he’s still slightly scary but more in the ‘senior moment’ at the bus-stop rather than the chest-slashing way)

iggy car.jpg

“All the punks are pushing 30 years and are hardly feared
all the young dudes work for all the old brutes in expensive suits…”

Ten years asleep” in 1993 – guess that makes us now: “Twenty Six years couldn’t give a toss.”

Wearing tartan bondage trousers and sniffing glue through a safety pin didn’t form a great part of my adolescence but for some reason I’m happy that Punk happened. For a range of reasons, see Chapter one of “The pirate’s dilemma” by Matt Mason.

And so it seems are today’s rarer punks… Their (The King Blues) album ‘Save the World Get the Girl’ is well worth a listen – if only because you’re completing your Blahg post on the “top ten neo-punk songs with Asterix references” (‘My boulder’ btw if you want to skip actually finding out about them!)

Don’t forget though, they are after all, just a band…(Warning – if the phrase “just a band” means nothing to you, watch this first

Noodles of Shame

noodles of shame.jpgpic courtesy oskay

Been a bit lax about finishing this and some other pieces which is in itself perhaps shameful… but compared to what follows?..

I find it interesting that in the absence of sufficient detail or in the face of mistaken comprehension I (and all of us) can create meanings or associations for words and phrases which are as real to us as their correct counterparts.

I am reliably informed that for quite some time when I was 6 or 7 I could be heard during assembly and at church, repeating the line “forgive us our Christmases” during the Lord’s Prayer instead of the more correct ‘forgive us our trespasses’. I was as equally certain that honeysuckle must be wonderful to eat and Swarfega meant soap in some foreign language I had yet to encounter. So to “Noodles of Shame”… Read the rest of this entry »

What did you make today?…

widgets.jpgpic courtesy psd

Obviously as soon as I decided that working for Advertising/Marketing Communication Agencies is going against Ray Kurzwiel‘s collection of charts (as cited in the excellent Kevin Kelly article ‘The origins of progress‘) and was thus not really for me…

…within no time (ok…a couple of months) there follows a flurry (actually… only 2) interesting pieces about why Advertising Agencies should ‘make’ things:

Ad Age talking about widgets

and BBH (via Ad Age) effectively talking about themselves (how un-Ad Agency like…) but saying something interesting.

(I particularly liked this comment:

“Are you kidding me Mr. Bogle? BBH needs to gain “empathy and commercial awareness of what our clients go through”…

What have you been getting paid for again? It should be shocking for any client to learn what a former beam of creative genius like BBH is doing these days to claim relevance: “Zag takes agency staffers out of the creative bubble and into the world of business as experienced by their own clients.”

Hello: you were supposed to GUIDE clients through their business challenges. Are you telling us, that you have been hiding in your ‘creative bubble’ all those years so that do do your job now you would first need to brush up your ‘experience in business’. If I was your client, I would have assumed you were done interning during college.

As much as I respect creative agencies’ attempts at interdisciplinary thinking and their desperate need for non-creative revenue streams: your rationale behind Zag sure exposes the irrelevance of your core business. Shocking.



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The Big Battalions

ww 1 tank.jpgpic courtesy Elsie esq.

Communication has changed… a lot. So has warfare.

Business (and Marketing in particular) is very fond of Military thinking, in fact von Clausewitz said “”Rather than comparing [war] to art we could more accurately compare it to commerce” whilst ‘The book of 5 Rings‘ and ‘The Art of War‘ are required reading for ambitious Strategic Planners.

When not dealing with sports’ metaphors and vocabulary, we are in the territory of Headhunters, Captive Markets, Campaigns, Target Markets, Flanking Strategies, Defending Share, Operations, Aggressive pricing etc.

Leaving aside the cause/effects of this and whether we think in models or metaphors, my point is that what they represent has changed. Read the rest of this entry »


A fairly quick and self explanatory entry this week. Iknit was something that Rich Lamb-Hughes and I came up with whilst we were thinking of building the ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’. Since then we have discussed, improved and shared it with quite a few people and the most work has probably been done by Robin Jutzen – the person who did most on/for ‘Free lunch’.

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Nomad, Glyph and Spoof

The sister perspective to V3
Completed in the same timeframe and largely met with the same response and fate (!) This time it seeks to show the various levels at which brands and consumers can interact. Read the rest of this entry »