My name is Kevan Christmas.

Online in one way or another since 1994.

Honours degree in Education, Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, studying for an MBA via Edinburgh Business School.

My passions are innovation, marketing, product development and IT (especially mobile).

I have over 20 years experience across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Most recently I worked at one of South Africa’s leading start-up and technology incubators after a year as COO of Africa’s largest mobile social network.

For the previous 6 years I worked in South Africa and internationally across new product development, web, mobile, IT and mobile social networks.

Husband, Father of three currently living in Somerset West in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Rich. Pageant (my oldest surviving email-since Web 1.0!) – origin of the name here |riˈbläg,ətôrē|

noun: – a web site on which an individual or group of users stores thoughts and ideas often within an ongoing narrative : You can read it on my reblogitory

If you know me you can write to me at my normal email address, if you just want to communicate:- rpageant(at)

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