Mobile app usage

It’s official Mobile app usage overtakes Mobile web usage:

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At least in the US (and spurred on massively by facebook) – report here

When technology pundits say mobile is exploding, many people just shrug and say “of course.”

Many people might not fully comprehend just how big mobile is growing and the enormous ecosystem that it now encompasses.

Mobile computing through smartphones and tablets is growing four times faster than the PC and Internet evolutions of the 1980’s and 90’s.

People are now using mobile apps more than the Web and the gap continues to widen.

In research done by mobile analytics company Flurry, users are spending 94 minutes a day with their mobile apps versus 72 minutes on the Web.

Dear Photograph

Goodbye Grandpa

Dear Photograph:

A wonderful site where people post photographs that feature locations along with old photos of people in the exact spot and held at an angle that mimics the original setting. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief caption that states its significance or story to the contributor.

I am so excited by what the internet and sharing are doing with Photograpy as well as opening the floodgates and turning on all the taps…