How not to fall asleep and drool

30779 strip


92766 strip

Sitting in a darkened room after a free lunch on day two of a conference….

My advice to avoid this follows.Stab yourself in increasingly painful places with one of the inevitable free pencils.

Try and get caught in the eye with a laser pointer

Choke on a free mint – it’s impossible to nod off if you’ve got 17 mints in your mouth – I’ve tested it.

Call up a flashing box (on mobile/laptop screen?) Here’s one for free:
Tumblr lw2ju4bzYi1r1q9si

Try to sit in an uncomfortable position – trap increasingly sensitive folds of skin in increasingly tight places.

(as a last resort, and if its dark enough – you can attempt the ‘sterilizer’ and punch yourself in the testicles)

Seriously though – chewing gum is your friend, followed by drinking water frequently.

Keep adjusting your posture and trying to listen to write notes like I’m doing nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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