Notice me

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A real diamond amongst the pile of shiny things that is Seth Godin. I couldn’t agree more.

Notice me

If the new web has a mantra, that’s it.

So much time and effort is now put into finding followers, accumulating comments and generating controversy… all so that people will notice you. People say and do things that don’t benefit them, just because they’re hooked on attention.

Attention is fine, as long as you have a goal that is reached in exchange for all this effort.

Far better than being noticed:

Engaged with
Purchased from
Teaching us

However what I would like discussed is whether the items on the list lead to being noticed… ?


Nokia blues

Nokia: Culture will out

A wonderful series of insights from Adam Greenfield (Formerly head of design direction for service and user-interface design at Nokia)

I’m even using his cheery photo through Nokia’s window.

He writes on the contrast between the daily and weekly rhythms of work in his own practice, and what he saw during two years at Nokia.

Executive summary: “Despite the omnipresent burden of responsibility, and the inherent risk of failure, there’s an excitement and pleasure in working on one’s own behalf that was for the most part missing entirely from my Nokian experience. The word I keep coming back to, in my head, is “unbound,” and it’s an unbelievably lovely and liberating sensation.”

His new experiences indicate why you shouldn’t look for innovation from large organizations. Of course its also a comment on Nokia’s recent and ongoing troubles. Read the rest of this entry »