Mobile swiftly moves to core of all brand communications


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From Mobile Marketer

A little older (2010) but the headings are still true.

1. Applications fInally went multi-platform – check

2. Mobile strategies went multi-faceted – agree, only a combination of applications + mobile Web + SMS can help achieve scale across diverse target audiences.

3. Mobile commerce grew – yes, sort of inevitable with for example Android activating 200,000 devices a day. The question is, did it grow at the rate expected?

The predictions for 2011 are even more interesting:

1. Everything mobile will be social – check but again growth rate?

2. Mobile in retail goes mainstream – hmmmm don’t think so

3. Mobile local commerce gets ready to scale – if you mean Groupon but I don’t think so

4. The open standards mobile Web rises – hmmmm

Someone really should (ie not me) collect, collate and compare all of these interminable ‘What will happen in x during 20yy’ articles….


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