Evolution and Creativity – why humans triumphed

Evolution stop following

“Nothing seems to explain the sudden takeoff of the last 45,000 years—the conversion of just another rare predatory ape into a planet dominator with rapidly progressing technologies. Once “progress” started to produce new tools, different ways of life and burgeoning populations, it accelerated all over the world, culminating in agriculture, cities, literacy and all the rest. Yet all the ingredients of human success—tool making, big brains, culture, fire, even language—seem to have been in place half a million years before and nothing happened.”

Well this does: Collective Intelligence – The amount of interaction between individuals – basically ideas having sex with each other. Trade as an innovation was then a multiplier of this – “Trade was the most momentous innovation of the human species; it led to the invention of invention.”

Human beings swapping things and thoughts.

However, I don’t completely agree.

“Given that progress is inexorable, cumulative and collective if human beings exchange and specialize, then globalization and the Internet are bound to ensure furious economic progress in the coming century”

We must be clear that ‘The Internet’ doesn’t mean Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. which it seems to mea are having the opposite effect…

Original article here

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