The Web is dead. Long live the internet.

You should read this from Wired.


Ff webrip chart2

Wake up – check email on iPad (1 app)

During breakfast browse newspapers, facebook, twitter (3 more apps).

On way to work listen to podcast on smartphone (another app)

At work you scroll through RSS feeds in a reader (app)

Spend all day on Skype/IM conversationss (2 apps)

Come home listen to Pandora, play X-box Live and watch Netflix.

You’ve spent the whole day on Internet.

But not on the Web.

2 viewpoints explored – both fairly bleak.

It’s all our fault: “The Internet is the real revolution, as important as electricity; what we do with it is still evolving. As it moved from your desktop to your pocket, the nature of the Net changed. The delirious chaos of the open Web was an adolescent phase subsidized by industrial giants groping their way in a new world. Now they’re doing what industrialists do best — finding choke points. And by the looks of it, we’re loving it.”

It’s all their fault: ” The new business model is to try to let the content — the product, as it were — eclipse the technology. Jobs and Zuckerberg are trying to do this like old-media moguls…… We are returning to a world that already exists — one in which we chase the transformative effects of music and film instead of our brief (relatively speaking) flirtation with the transformative effects of the Web.After a long trip, we may be coming home.”


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