A little over a year later…

Time passing1

Ironically, this was written just under a year two years ago…

(I’m using ironic in the ‘didn’t get round to it’ sense of the word)

So how was it for you?

If the exclamation mark (particularly when overused) is best described as a little man holding up a sign saying “laugh”, what is the ellipsis…?

My own bad ‘cliff-hanger’ music (Duh Dah Daaaaah… ‘and the killer is…’) or is it perhaps my own ‘cheesy’ sound effect. (That was no lady, that was my wife…Waak Wak Waaaaaaah)?

Whatever it is – I use it too much. That was probably the first of my observations having looked back at the content I put on here.

Other things I have learned:It’s very hard to be original (who would have guessed?) – particularly if you’re drawing upon a wide range of subjects/ideas/news and trying to either link them (not just ‘to’ them) or say something interesting about them.

I sort of ‘gave up a bit’ (read streamlined) when I sorted out the categories/tags things by deciding what I really wanted to cluster thoughts around. This made it easier to focus articles.

Just providing a ‘linkfest’ is the territory of tumblr, twitter and a million bad blogs.

I have however read some very good blogs and at some point should publish my RSS feed list.

It’s quite interesting trying to form a tone of voice without really knowing your audience (I don’t have/want one!!) but I presume that is what diarists do (Something interesting in comparing the two?). Essentially you’re writing to yourself. I guess that if I sat on a crowded bus and started saying all this, or reciting it to the ducks in the park they’d lock me away. Posting it on the internet is of course fine.

However, I’m pretty sure that if a post goes up in the woods and nobody sees it, it doesn’t make a sound.

Nevertheless, I enjoy clearing out the boxes of half finished/formed ideas, articles and observations, polishing them up and then dumping them here so I’m off to the woods again.


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