You’ve been cookied


An article about us v them thinking (ie customers not ‘leads’ or data from conversation agent) on conversation agent

It mainly reiterates the need to talk and think differently about what happens when we organize activities and content to be in contact with customers and prospects. In essence businesses are way behind on the social media/networks adoption curve compared to their customers.

However, it ends on a much more interesting note which is worth more time and attention. (It also raises the point about what the majority of people will do once they realise the degree to which they are tracked online which is it at the heart of the internet)

This is the erosion of online anonymity particularly via cookies as referenced by Auren Hoffman here who notes that “The key to protecting anonymity is to make it technically impossible – not just contractually prohibited or difficult – to tie an internet user to their name and address when they are not explicitly logged in”.

The solution?

1. Eliminate the collection and analysis of “Machine ID”

2. Store audience data in browser cookies

3. Make it impossible to identify an individual using anonymous data segments

It all boils down to the presumption of anonymity rather than the opposite.

Facebook/Google are you listening?

At last…

Back to the future.jpg

Someone has broken the curse of old photographs for me.

Simply stunning – fantastic idea.

She deserves to win the internet.

BACK TO THE FUTURE : Irina Werning – Photographer.

A little over a year later…

Time passing1

Ironically, this was written just under a year two years ago…

(I’m using ironic in the ‘didn’t get round to it’ sense of the word)

So how was it for you?

If the exclamation mark (particularly when overused) is best described as a little man holding up a sign saying “laugh”, what is the ellipsis…?

My own bad ‘cliff-hanger’ music (Duh Dah Daaaaah… ‘and the killer is…’) or is it perhaps my own ‘cheesy’ sound effect. (That was no lady, that was my wife…Waak Wak Waaaaaaah)?

Whatever it is – I use it too much. That was probably the first of my observations having looked back at the content I put on here.

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