Google APIs & Developer Products – January 2011

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They’re a behemoth with a massive amount of APIs that millions of developers use around the world to build millions of apps and services. There’s simply no good way to keep track of them all.

A really great way to show all the available ways of plugging in and out of the google and the stuff they do.

Google APIs & Developer Products – January 2011.


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Mobile app awards


Having been working and monitoring this field intensively for the last 2 and 1/2 years, its good to see a ‘what’s hot’ list other than the Marketplace or iTunes store!!

The appcircus winners from across the world – the shortlist for the Mobile Premier Awards.


AppCircus@Augmented Reality Conference Berlin – kooaba Paperboy
AppCircus@Apps Marathon Brussels –
Samsonite Travel Miles
AppCircus@BDigitalApps Barcelona –
225 Kid Outdoor Games
AppCircus@Mobilecamp Argentina –
Crazy Weather
AppCircus@Mobile 2.0 Europe –
AppCircus@MoMo Austria –
AppCircus@MoMo Belfast –
AppCircus@MoMo Berlin –
AppCircus@MoMo Bologna –
Vetrina in Vista Mobi
AppCircus@MoMo Copenhagen –
Endomondo Sport Tracker
AppCircus@MoMo Croatia –
AppCircus@Droidcon London –
AppCircus@MoMo Edinburgh –
AppCircus@MoMo Madrid –
AppCircus@MoMo Malmo –
Snooze with a Hearth
AppCircus@MoMo Milan –
AppCircus@MoMo Oslo –
AppCircus@Open Coffee Greece –
AppCircus@MoMo Paris –
AppCircus@MoMo Rome –
AppCircus@MoMo Romania –
AppCircus@MoMo São Paulo –
Guia Quatro Rodas
AppCircus@MoMo Stockholm –
AppCircus@MoMo Slovenia –
Odpiralni Časi
AppCircus@Texas Wireless Summit –
Famigo Games

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Is Mobile Affecting When We Read?



Readers want to consume content in a comfortable place, on their own time and mobile devices are making it possible for readers to take control once more”

An interesting article via Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? « Read It Later Blog.

Personally, I am waiting for the article that links this with the effect on content/the way we communicate.

Could this perhaps be the start of a switch back to longer form?

In summary:

iPad owners no longer do most of their reading on their computers, they are saving it for their ‘personal prime time’

We are bombarded with articles/content all day long

We save articles for later reading all day long, decreasing in the evening

We consume (saved) articles on our computer all day long with a drop during the home commute and a slight rise in the evening

iPhone users mostly consume saved articles on the way into work, during coffee, during the commute home and at bed time (no surprises there)


In the new spirit of blogging…

laser cat.jpg

A method for inducing cats to exercise – I sh1t you not.

The US Patent office doing what it does …. well what it does.


More seriously, found on an article at EFF: – when-bad-patents-hurt-good-people-patent-threat