Advertising vs Story telling

Beer here.jpg

Two things really good at what they do.

Two thoughts/questions:

1. If pubs sell beer, why will you walk/drive past any number of them to get to the one you like?

2. What do Johnnie Walker sell?

Obviously the answers are:

1. That you’re there for the beer AND some other things, most of which are free (except the nuts) such as friends, atmosphere, the range of drinks available, comfortable seating – whatever…basically: somewhere to drink your beer


2. Whisky AND a tradition of making it (which makes it better whisky…)

Stories aren’t just a carrier for brand messages, they should be the brand itself.

But then sometimes you just need a drink…

PS The first photo was from the South Bank of the River Thames, near the London Eye on a warm day in September. No story other than ‘large cold beer, here’


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