Control – Alt – DTweet

ctrl alt detweet.jpg
Came up with this in an attempt to stick with Twitter and to cope with the irritation of wading through tons of screen estate to get to anything clever or worthwhile.

The correct response to super abundance of information is not to add to the noise but to strengthen the signal.

I’m really not interested in what sandwich you had, or that retweet about ‘Thought leader X’ (Yes that includes Jason Fried and co. if the above reference has you twitching) If I know who they are I probably subscribe to their RSS feed (as I do) and if I don’t you’d be better off telling me what they said. Telling me that you like a song or that a restaurant is great/shite is NOT the same as telling me that Elton John is on the radio or you had lunch at Starbucks.

I know this means I probably don’t ‘get’ twitter but there you are. See here.

If you try to push product or yourself to me too much or you haven’t got anything interesting to say and/or include too much that is not interesting I will:


you and you’re gone…

You are the weakest/emptiest/loudest tweet, goodbye.

The following (with apologies to Marche Noir) may help if 140 characters is too much:

celeb babble.jpg

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