What are you doing? – Impossible is nothing…

What are you impossible?.jpg

Let’s be clear.

I do this – putting stuff in my ‘reblogitory’

I still don’t facebook.

I do twitter – a bit.

And the recent take on that is not too favourable thanks to a study by Pear Analytics:

“Twitter tweets are 40% babble” BBC

“8.7% of tweets have value to others” Marketing Vox

Perhaps put most elegantly here:


Courtesy Information is Beautiful

But it’s not really that which puts me off, its more that most of the time when I read tweets or think about filling the 91.3% of valueless content, I begin to wonder how someone like Aleksey Vayner of Impossible is nothing engages with Twitter.

His name isn’t on there.

He probably doesn’t need it as he’s capable of interviewing himself and clearly feels that 91.3% of what he does is both of value and interest to others.

‘Attending class at Harvard’
‘Running successful business’
‘Lifting 500lbs’
‘Ballroom dancing’
‘Breaking blocks with hand’
‘International skiing’
‘Teaching tennis to celebrities’

All under 140 characters…

Anyone care to retweet?


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