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A more ‘traditional’ and/or useful entry.

Been going through a very minimalist stage particularly with regard to technology. I came across this fantastic desktop scheme on Lifehacker – copied it.

Yes I know I should have removed everything from my desktop but I haven’t quite got to the stage of using only Quicksilver.

I have my Volume and two ‘catchall’ folders called Stuff I and Stuff II where, unsurprisingly, I ‘stuff everything’. Subsequently, I go through and sort their contents into folders on my drive for reference or backup.

All the live data and titles are customised onto the desktop using Geektool and most of the instructions are here It does involve some serious tinkering (for a non-propellerhead) to get the weather displayed.

For the tinkering I am indebted to my friend Sascha at Techniche. As far as I can tell, we used a script within geektool to call via lynx (a free open-source, text-only web browser for use on cursor-addressable character cell terminals), the weather from and update a file every few mins (you set the poll interval from within geektool). So for London Heathrow:

/usr/bin/lynx -dump -width 100 | $HOME/GeekTool/ >/tmp/weather2 ; cat /tmp/weather2

Any technical queries regarding the use of Geektool should always be addressed to a friendly geek. Do not try this at home.

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