Funny pictures

pic courtesy itsbeensolongIcantremember

What it says on the label although I do have too many days when I feel like the photo above. As my literally dozen of loyal readers will know, I don’t really ‘blog’ I just load stuff up every now and then after its kicked around with me for a while.

Also for no really apparent reason I have included a reference image other than I can use the word ‘juxtapose’ without wincing…1. Stop Making Sense


The shop at the end of the row where I work in the City of London now sells Italian suits – apparently massive ones.

2. Stop Hammertime ….

cant touch this.jpg

What is it you can’t do? – don’t forget the lyrics.

U …. (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh) (x2)

U …. (oh-oh oh-oh-oh)

Yeah u ….

I told you u …. (oh-oh oh-oh-oh)

Too hype ….

Get me outta here u ….


(Seen on a display at Century City, Capetown RSA)

3. In Andrex we trust

in andrex we trust.jpg

No juxtaposed image as the juxtaposed comment says it all:

“Jesus is your answer”

“Ok but I’ll use toilet paper”

On the toilet roll dispenser inside the cubicle at London Paddington Railway Station Gentleman’s toilets

4. Supersize me

giant burger.jpg

Just how big is that burger? That’s a half litre bottle of coke next to it. How brrrrrilliant would your work have to be for one of those?

I’m afraid i can’t remember the source and yes I do know that iphoto and the iphone can geo-tag photos…

5. Creating an impact window

brilliant product combo.jpg

“Merchandising Similar Products Together

Displaying similar products together in a window is called creating an impact window.”

Hmmm – what could I use an enormous pair of bolt-cutters for, even though they are on offer? Hang on a minute – I could use them for cutting through other people’s jumbo-padlocks… or… hang on there might be people out there with jumbo bolt cutters, I had better buy myself one of these enormous padlocks…

Retail brilliance at a builders superstore in Somerset West, South Africa…

6. And finally…


This just works so badly on so many levels:

– cheap booze, power tools and makeovers

– 1,2,3 – building and renovating, before and after

– mix and match your own…


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