Agencies make things…II

make things.jpgpic courtesy pt

Not much of an update, but a recurrent theme of mine. Well, I wrote about it last December:

What did you make today? (Dec 2008)

Here we are in July 2009 and yes, Agencies (sorry Creative Shops) are really beginning to make things.

It’s not that complicated, there are many talented people in Agencies and they can make things.

First on their list should be a major change to their business model and ideas about what they do – without which the list of things they actually make apart from content (read Ads) will always be headed by dwindling media commissions and increasingly outdated recommendations based on ‘Big Ideas’.

I guess that’s why its “Creative Shops” rather than Agencies in this article from Fast Company (actually transcripts from a session held by PSFK – already mentioned enough):


Carl Johnson (A cofounder of Anomaly – yes they have a more up to date business model!) saying: “One of the most amusing things is, of course, we haven’t bought a single ad in support of any of our brands. Not one.”

Robbie Vitrano (Principal of Trumpet – yes another new model) saying “The purest form of marketing is in product development………It’s exciting to figure out how to commercialize something that has real substance”.

Makes you think, No?