10 years asleep…

swift butter.jpg

OK – after the event but still.

Johnny Rotten selling me butter…

Iggy Pop… selling me car insurance…(ok, he’s still slightly scary but more in the ‘senior moment’ at the bus-stop rather than the chest-slashing way)

iggy car.jpg

“All the punks are pushing 30 years and are hardly feared
all the young dudes work for all the old brutes in expensive suits…”

Ten years asleep” in 1993 – guess that makes us now: “Twenty Six years couldn’t give a toss.”

Wearing tartan bondage trousers and sniffing glue through a safety pin didn’t form a great part of my adolescence but for some reason I’m happy that Punk happened. For a range of reasons, see Chapter one of “The pirate’s dilemma” by Matt Mason.

And so it seems are today’s rarer punks… Their (The King Blues) album ‘Save the World Get the Girl’ is well worth a listen – if only because you’re completing your Blahg post on the “top ten neo-punk songs with Asterix references” (‘My boulder’ btw if you want to skip actually finding out about them!)

Don’t forget though, they are after all, just a band…(Warning – if the phrase “just a band” means nothing to you, watch this first

Use Evernote to copy something from a locked pdf


Probably the first genuinely useful, original and bloggy entry so far.

Discovered in a moment of desperation.

I know there are programs out there you can buy and allegedly a couple of websites that will unlock pdf’s for you.

I needed some text from a pretty ordinary pdf document and didn’t have lots of time or bandwidth. Couldn’t print to pdf or anything else.

I simply opened the pdf with Firefox (presume any other browser would do as well), highlighted a whole section including all the text and clipped with the Evernote webclipper bookmarklet that I use.

Then I sync’ed with the desktop Evernote.

You can then copy any text you like within Evernote or a quick print to pdf from Evernote – hey presto! a pdf you can do what you like with!