Noodles of Shame

noodles of shame.jpgpic courtesy oskay

Been a bit lax about finishing this and some other pieces which is in itself perhaps shameful… but compared to what follows?..

I find it interesting that in the absence of sufficient detail or in the face of mistaken comprehension I (and all of us) can create meanings or associations for words and phrases which are as real to us as their correct counterparts.

I am reliably informed that for quite some time when I was 6 or 7 I could be heard during assembly and at church, repeating the line “forgive us our Christmases” during the Lord’s Prayer instead of the more correct ‘forgive us our trespasses’. I was as equally certain that honeysuckle must be wonderful to eat and Swarfega meant soap in some foreign language I had yet to encounter. So to “Noodles of Shame”…


I can’t remember where I read the phrase – somebody’s blog no-doubt and very shortly thereafter I remember finding the wonderful site Japander despite the fact that recently it has decided to repeatedly Google adserve an opportunity for me to meet my perfect gay partner which makes me wonder what The Google noticed about how I found it…

I skimmed through it, chuckled, mentally book marked it and moved on (please remember you can always check my‘proper’ Delicious bookmarks). Inevitably, in my mind the two became one and a marvellous site called “Noodles of Shame” which showed embarrassing clips of stars cashing in on easy Asian Ad money, was born.

I’m fairly certain I recommended the site verbally to several people and in the manner of these things, that was that.

Just before Christmas and New Year I was in the UK watching Sir Michael Parkinson (that’s him above) trying to sell me an over 50’s Insurance Scheme or at least give me a free Parker Pen for enquiring and I found myself thinking: “HE can’t need the money…. so why is he doing this?” that followed Stephen Fry trying to get me to shop at Argos, as well as use Direct Line Insurance, The Mighty Boosh trying to sell me a Peugeot car and poor old Vic Reeves on the plane over from South Africa getting credits as the voice on the animated Virgin Atlantic In-flight Safety film – why, why, why?

Enough was enough, let me have another look at that “Noodles of Shame” site, perhaps the answer was there. After fruitless hours, all I had discovered that the “Noodles of Shame” are in fact, the late night junk comforting Ramen noodles often eaten by students. (I guess in the UK that would be PotNoodles of Shame). Eventually I tracked the site down and bookmarked it properly this time – for others to share and wonder at.

The enigma remains – I can forgive Wallace and Gromit for the pudding on the moon, I expect the Beckhams to be as farcical as they are and as for Spike Lee – well anyone who has seen his video for White Lines by Grandmaster Flash might not be surprised (although a much admired friend of mine tried to persuade me it was ironic – thanks Rustum still not convinced) but Tim Roth as the steam from a hot beverage, Anthony Hopkins, Denis Hopper did they need the money? I guess so and they probably don’t care (in fact there might be a hint of irony in Hopkins’ ad) but to me its still all the Noodles of Shame…


One Comment on “Noodles of Shame”

  1. Rustum says:

    Hah hah, Chris van Wyk has a book of autobiographical stories, “Shirley, Goodness and Mercy”.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the White Lines video. I’m checking Youtube, but not sure which version etc. You may be having another noodle of shame?

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