Face technology – Update

brians barber.jpgpic courtesy pixelhut

Today I went here.

Brian’s – an amazing vacuum/shaver repair and barber shop (well I suppose they go together) run unsurprisingly by Brian. He probably deserves a whole post on his own.

This is going to be a bit ‘Flickr’y but MY journey went like this:-


And in the window I saw: –


I had been thinking about the next step in the process I had started by asking “How much technology do I need on my face”? (that’s more than a bit of flint). The alleged best shave and almost certainly best environmental/cost option would be provided by a straight or cut-throat razor. You buy one in your lifetime (incorrect usage could balance that out) and a ‘strop’ or piece of leather to sharpen it on and that’s it.

The starting price for straight razors at “Gentlemen”s barbers in London and many online stores (just google for them, there are more than you think!) was about £70 so instead I paid out £50 less and bought…IMG_0070.JPG

The height of shaving expertise from 50 years ago.


I said I had seen some videos on Youtube and several articles about how to shave using one of these (basically extremely carefully and never in an upward direction!!)

By way of comfort and as a parting shot Brian informed me that its a growing trend and that he’s sold half a dozen of his antique razors this year – quite a few people bring them back and try to resell them to him.

Oh and also you could cut your face off…


One Comment on “Face technology – Update”

  1. Rustum says:

    Ha! Tracked, found.

    How is life treating you in Londontown?

    I suppose one can’t go wrong with Sheffield steel. Have you tried King of Shaves, an oil of which you use a minimum amount instead of foam?

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