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Been avoiding this to some extent, because it has been ‘blogged’ to death but more probably because it is scarily concise as I wish I could be! (even with its typo – ‘are’ instead of ‘and’) A brilliant sketch.

Perhaps I have waited the equivalent of a Victorian Mourning period for it to be socially acceptable or perhaps I have finally overcome the personal quandry it put me in!

Instead of beautifuly crafted rubrics about work, brands, love or anything else, I wish some Advertising/Marketing Companies had something like this on the wall in their reception area for staff and visitors to see.

It could have been more beautifully put but not much shorter or more powerfully.

Better – Seth Godin

Are you better at what you do than you were a month or two ago?

A lot better?

How did you get better? What did you read or try? Did you fail at something and learn from it?

Does that mindless stuff you do at work when the boss isn’t looking (or all those meetings you go to are all those emails you answer) make you better or just pass the time?

If you got better faster, would that be a good thing? How could you make that happen?

A lot of questions so early in the morning, but the truth is that marketing rewards improvement. It didn’t used to. It
used to reward stability.

Corn Flakes are Corn Flakes.

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