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In my time I have been both victim and perpetrator of more than my fair share of a good ‘mousing’. Banging on about slides whilst clicking away seems something that Marketing/Communications thrive on in particular. I note that Russell Davies in his article “reskilling for an age of things” which deals with abilities such as making and repairing, describes his core skill as “probably using PowerPoint to persuade people and businesses to do their advertising slightly differently“.

Still, I’m as happy as the next bandwidth hog to download endless TED lectures, Steve Jobs’ Keynotes and even the occasional slideshare entry. In fact that last link really serves as a summary of what the best presenters say are the best presentations.

Is it style or content?…

bat bear shadow.jpgpic courtesy Dan Zen

Actually its both of course…

Unfortunately its both of course – there are many many books, sites and resources trying to help with presentations so I’m not going to list them. Wouldn’t it just be better if they just showed you?

Accordingly, instead of that here’s a couple of things:

Firstly what I have, as of now, in my folder marked ‘Presentation Styles’

presentation styles.jpg

a. Dance Monkey Dance – Ernest Cline

b. Lost Buildings (scroll down to the sneak preview and choose hi or lo)

c. Lawrence Lessig (worthy of a whole website) – Free Culture and Keeping Culture Free

d. Scott McCloud – short clip from a Comics lecture

e. World on Fire – Sarah McLachlan (whilst I may not be a fan, its a brilliant presentation!!)

f. Subprime primer – in case you didn’t understand it…earliest credited source here

g. Mailbag showdown – super smash brothers brawl is a videogame but Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw replies to the critics of his reviews… does contain bad language but also the immortal phrase “(you’re) projecting so hard you could point yourself at a wall and show powerpoint presentations”.

h. Thirst (in case you didn’t watch it at the link earlier – the winner of the slideshare presentation of the year)

i. Apple Think Different – I almost didn’t put it in as it has been so overused and quoted by people who would have been anathema to its cast, but in the end it endures as a brilliant 60 second presentation of the big idea behind a company.

j. Miniature Earth – what it says, powerful stuff well presented.

k. Gettysburg address powerpoint. If only Abraham had Microsoft Office and a projector…

l. The Story of Stuff – Very well presented

m. A note to myself to keep visiting Common Craft

(Update Sept 08 – Absolutely essential – n. Mankind is no Island – winner of Tropfest 2008 by by Jason van Genderen)

And most importantly, A link to Edward Tufte

Click… Thank You

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