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In my time I have been both victim and perpetrator of more than my fair share of a good ‘mousing’. Banging on about slides whilst clicking away seems something that Marketing/Communications thrive on in particular. I note that Russell Davies in his article “reskilling for an age of things” which deals with abilities such as making and repairing, describes his core skill as “probably using PowerPoint to persuade people and businesses to do their advertising slightly differently“.

Still, I’m as happy as the next bandwidth hog to download endless TED lectures, Steve Jobs’ Keynotes and even the occasional slideshare entry. In fact that last link really serves as a summary of what the best presenters say are the best presentations.

Is it style or content?…

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The Big Battalions

ww 1 tank.jpgpic courtesy Elsie esq.

Communication has changed… a lot. So has warfare.

Business (and Marketing in particular) is very fond of Military thinking, in fact von Clausewitz said “”Rather than comparing [war] to art we could more accurately compare it to commerce” whilst ‘The book of 5 Rings‘ and ‘The Art of War‘ are required reading for ambitious Strategic Planners.

When not dealing with sports’ metaphors and vocabulary, we are in the territory of Headhunters, Captive Markets, Campaigns, Target Markets, Flanking Strategies, Defending Share, Operations, Aggressive pricing etc.

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How much technology do I need on my face?

pic courtesy merkur
Not that much.

I also don’t need to spend nearly as much money or create as much environmental waste. On the down side I do need to take a little longer, know my face a bit better and hunt a bit harder to get the best that I can get [sic]… Read the rest of this entry »


A fairly quick and self explanatory entry this week. Iknit was something that Rich Lamb-Hughes and I came up with whilst we were thinking of building the ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’. Since then we have discussed, improved and shared it with quite a few people and the most work has probably been done by Robin Jutzen – the person who did most on/for ‘Free lunch’.

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