Every day is like Sunday…

80's.jpgpic courtesy Chellebella

Some colleagues and I began trying to build a ‘one good idea a month with an obvious sponsor” web group that was to support/become ‘Free lunch’ as detailed elsewhere. One of the first ideas we came up with was “8008′ which was to use the current vogue for the 80’s and its songs in a way that was very Web 2.0 and demonstrated the new type of communication ideas.Simply, the idea was to remake (and then ideally share) the awful 80’s videos of great songs that we loved using Web 2.0 tools… this was then to become an interesting competition and/or showcase for a film company. Obviously participation was pretty easy, using Flickr, Youtube, The Gimp, Any movie software that comes free with most pc’s and macs etc.

The project was kindly facilitated as an online sharing exercise by our friends at Flip media.

I chose one of my favourite Morrissey Songs – Every day is like Sunday. The original video is here. The concept is not so much about aesthetics and quality film making as capturing what each song means to an individual and using the newly available collaboration, editing and sharing tools to do so.

My effort (being a Brit with a childhood heritage of Seaside sadness) is pretty literal if not self explanatory and although its not really a movie, I greatly enjoyed doing it and if possible it makes me like the song even a bit more.

It was really a ‘proof of concept’ which worked insomuch as people got the idea although we never took it to its logical sponsor – a film production company.


One Comment on “Every day is like Sunday…”

  1. Rustum says:

    Great little video, Rich, and the song is also one of my favourites. Strange how it also reminds me of dreary Sundays in non-coastal Paarl, and thus why I latched onto the song. It’s the tone as much as the content.

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