Nomad, Glyph and Spoof

The sister perspective to V3
Completed in the same timeframe and largely met with the same response and fate (!) This time it seeks to show the various levels at which brands and consumers can interact.Simply, once you ‘free’ up a brand’s communication territory (we’re talking about known brands here) you can rejuvinate or energise it. Then you can reduce it down for those consumers moving from consumer to loyal, building in a reward for recognition before finally acting like a leader brand and actually spoofing which incidentally puts the brand out of the reach of culture jamming.

(Update) I have had a request to name the music and ‘demystify’ some of the visuals:
Music = a loop from Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground
Nomad Brands = dnl (“7 up” upside down), Oakley, Reebok and Lucky Strike
Glyph Brands = Playstation, Air Jordan, Rizla and Lucky Strike
Spoof Brands = Absolut, Diesel, Heineken and (you guessed it… Lucky Strike – yes we did all that work!)


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