V3 – Volition, Viral and Virtual

Something I put together at Bates141 then worked on and refined whilst at ‘lunch’. It’s point may seem a little obvious now but not so when it was first created 8 years ago. The majority of clients and prospects to whom it was presented didn’t really understand it – its not all that clear unless you already think that way, so it mostly ended up being used internally as a way of thinking about Consumers.
I did work it and its sister ‘Nomad, Glyph and Spoof’ (a way of thinking about brands and their communication levels) into one overall checklist against which we would evaluate our given solution to a client’s marketing or business challenge. This was meant to hardwire innovation into these solutions and actually did.
The problem of course is/was Melchett’s Law:]Melchetts law sized.jpg
which probably deserves a post on its own but should be fairly self-explanatory.
There was 1% who both understood it and embraced it – (they know who they are!) However the clients who liked our brave assured smart approach but actually wanted our solution to be the opposite were disappointed and those who didn’t want it or understand it in the first place just looked dazed and waited for the “thank you” slide which of course never came.

(Update) I have had a request to name the music and ‘demystify’ some of the visuals:
Music = a loop from Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
Volition Brands = Apple tattoo, Volition, Puma/Mini-Cooper and Adidas Master Jay after ‘My Adidas’
Viral Brands = Benetton, Budweiser a bunch of emails and an sms saying ‘the future is stupid’
Virtual Brands = Lara Croft, Ali G, The moon landings with Hollywood in the background and video chat room


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