The Manifesto or 7 things I might have learned…

Manifesto.jpgpic courtesy ingorr
…that aren’t really very profound or staggering.
Since leading Graphic Designer and amateur carver Stefan Sagmeister‘s most recent project “Things I have learned in my life so far” was greeted on the ‘Creative Review’ blog with one comment that said “My mum has most of those statements as fridge magnets” 1 I am being rather careful with this one. What follows is really just a checklist of thoughts mostly had whilst working, which I tried and still try to keep reminding myself of:1. Status Quo is not good in any industry supposedly one step ahead of a fast changing audience.

2. Face forward – forget the groupbabble about people always doing the same things the same way. The world and the consumer are changing and you know it.

3. Try now and then to be a geek – interested in how/why things work – as well as what you can do with them.

4. Do things with and not to people – life and work SHOULD be like that.

5. Get unsettled every now and then – life IS like that, why shouldn’t work be?

6. Amongst its other limitations, life really IS too short to spend it with arseholes. So if you can, dont.

7. Link who you are to what you do – ideally make them the same thing. If nothing else you’ll always be more than someone who does their job.

Now wouldn’t that look good on a tea-towel?


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