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...or the first post..

Actually quite a few questions and a few answers. Hopefully yours is among them, if not by all means comment or email me – if you’re still wondering who on earth I am and why the hell you would give anything belonging to a monkey, rat or tinker about questions or contacting me, see about. If not and indeed if, read on…So what is this and why are you doing it?

This is a place online where I keep ideas that I think about and stuff that I write. Having it should make me turn more of my thinking into writing. It should also be somewhere to check-up for those friends and acquaintances that have asked me to share my thinking and linking more often as well as those who haven’t, but deserve it in place of my often sporadic and confusing contact .
It’s not a true narrative like a lot of blogs – hence the rather pompous ‘reblogitory’ concept – although I find this less pompous than a lot of ‘blahg’s which seem to suffer from that affliction peculiar to adolescents insomuch as everything done or discovered is worth writing about and therefore important. I suppose it is the difference between a diary and an essay. (I like the incomparable Stephen Fry’s solution of ‘blessays, blogs and blisquisitions’ although in the interests of balance it should be said that professional writers/broadcasters are and must not be, the only people worthy of attention) Somewhere else I will talk about essays.

blahgfree beta.png

The other purpose is to act as an online identity for myself – although a bit hesitant in applying the terms ‘remarkable’, ‘amazing’ or ‘spectacular’ to myself I do agree with the sentiments expressed by Seth Godin in his article Why bother having a resume? Particularly if like me the world of changing technology, media, behaviour and communication is something that both fascinates and inspires. The content will be tagged (probably later!) but won’t be separated into Life, Work etc. as I believe that if you get the balance right they live in the same place.

Update – Nov 2008 – very good article by Nicholas Carr regarding “what” the blogosphere is and who killed it here: Who killed the Blogosphere?

How often are you going to do this?

I’m beginning this on the 7th July – numerically half way through 2008 i.e. the one hundred and eighty second day. I’m aiming for at least 1 ‘post’ per week as well as sporadic updates such as delicious bookmarks etc.
I need to put my thoughts into words better and more often – I hope this commitment will help. Here is an opening I wrote a long time ago to show you what I’m up against:
“So it begins. I’ve written this article about a hundred times – at least in my mind and on every possible writing application for the Mac.
I’ve sketched it out using up to the minute mind-mapping, visualisation and outlining tools.
The new Mac killer app: iDither – shiny colourful big icons and such a professional look that it can’t fail to do all the work for you. (And yes mashing up a logo for it took up a good hour that I could have been writing)

idither final.jpg

Yet strangely it has never appeared before. So what have I learned?
Well apart from the fact that I hate the word “so” used in this type of context, especially when it is preceded or indeed followed by “well”, “you’ll never guess” and any number of old lady mint sharing phrases I have learned that although I quite like writing this sort of conversational drivel, I also dislike…no, am dissatisfied, with it.
“Why” you say? Well, so you’ll never guess…”
hopefully that will become clear over time.

Who is rich pageant?

As stated in the ‘About’ section rich pageant is/was my very first Web 1.0 email address and online identity. If you need to understand the Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 thing I can do no better than to recommend Jeffrey Zeldman’s great comparison:”Web 2.0 thinking game” and its ensuing comments section still going strong 2 years later. There is also a very interesting article about this at information architects I guess rich pageant doesn’t really count since you can find out who I am pretty easily if I link to this space – so I’m not being anonymous. Then why? Well back in the day avatars were the way to go – on Free email services, IRC, Bulletin boards and in general.

The reference comes from 2 sources: Peter Sellers from the 1964 film “A Shot in the Dark”:

Inspector Clouseau opens car door and falls into a puddle.

Maria: “You should get out of these clothes immediately. You’ll catch your death of pneumonia, you will.”

Clouseau: “Yes, I probably will. But it’s all part of life’s rich pageant, you know”

This was also the inspiration for REM’s album of the same name which contains the track “I believe” (let me know if you want a link to it) which was/is one of my favourites. And so on… Rich Pageant it is then.

Why aren’t you on facebook?

small facebook.jpg

David Malki

I was. I was also on Myspace, Friendster, and many others. I have two challenges: firstly I am not sure about what I choose to term the ‘phatic web’.”Using the internet to push around basic information in new ways is fun. But it has no meaning without a human context. It’s just lists and bad photographs That’s not a life” Warren Ellis I am playing with Twitter and I love the idea of brevity but I got a bit swamped with following lots of people (I follow about 30 blogs by RSS already) so I’m back to Darth Vader, The Mars Phoenix Explorer and for some reason John Cleese. I understand the concept of ‘what are you doing now?’ but have yet to embrace it. Secondly, as hinted at in the previous sentence I don’t have infinite time to maintain, think, post etc. and given that I don’t want/need the aforementioned instantaneous updates thus I would rather do one thing and do it to the best of my ability rather than maintain a huge range of social networking presences.

Don’t you have any cool conclusions?

Some people Roll, Some people walk a line.


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